Is it still Monday?


Have I slipped into an alternate universe?  Is there a bigger power out there playing jokes on me?  Am I on Candid Camera?

I don’t know the answer to any of those questions, but I’m starting to get extremely suspicious.

After my ugly Monday morning, I decided to pick myself up off the pity floor and get back to work.  Seven hours of revisions and formatting later, I was ready to throw another dart.  But, it was time to get the kids off the bus.  Submissions would have to wait.

This morning, I edited one last time for good luck, checked, double – checked, and triple – checked the address and hit print.  Nothing.  Not a peep.

I checked the power cord.  Plugged in and ready to go.

I checked the paper supply.  Full.

I checked with my computer.  Yes, the printer was enabled.

I tried again.


I banged, thumped, jiggled, and slapped that computer.  No response.

I rebooted, disabled, and turned off my computer and printer.

I counted slowly to twenty and turned them back on.

I hit print.  Silence.

I called tech support.

One hour of precious time slipped away.  Jared, the tech guy, took remote control of my computer.  He clicked, double-clicked, opened, and closed dozens of icons.  He downloaded, uploaded, and reloaded.  He hit print.  Nothing.

My new printer is in the mail.

Submissions will have to wait.  Again.


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