It must be Monday


To all you writers out there, I need some sympathy.  Today, just five minutes ago, I found out that the story that I have been researching, writing, editing, and revising for nearly two years, has been told by someone else.  And it just got published.  OUCH!

This isn’t the first time this has happened.  A second story – not one that I had finished to the point of final revisions, but one that was definitely en route there, was published earlier this year.  Again, not with my name on the cover.

To make matters worse, my baby, the one that has been going out on submission field trips for the past six months, has been told in such a magnificent manner that it is actually being nominated for AWARDS!  AARRGGH!

Okay.  Enough self-pity.  I’m off to write.  More words.  Racing against time.

I’m feeling a little deflated this morning.

No.  That’s a lie.  I’m feeling VERY deflated this morning.  But, write I must.  The ideas keep flowing and they need to be heard.  It’s just so hard to have to let go of the one that was most special.

Ce la vie.  Into the box it goes.

Congratulations to the authors who beat me to the punch.


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  1. My condolences. Here’s what you can take away from this: You have GREAT, PUBLISH-WORTHY ideas. And you’ll be the one punching next time!

  2. Oh, Mondays they can be maddening, but your story may just have a twin. They look alike, take another look, maybe there is a completely different personality in your story?

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