Developing Character


Here’s a post that I read today that resonated with an issue I’ve been dealing with: Character Development! Hope you all find this helpful, too!!!!

The Writer Within You

This has been a great challenge for me since I embarked on writing my first story.   Up until this point I have only written non-fiction and primarily for education.  So when at last I developed the gumption to try to write the story that had been visiting my mind for roughly a decade I did not know exactly where to start with character development.

When I taught, one of the skills I addressed in every novel I read with my students was characterization.  So I treated my story the same way.  I began with a t-chart of negative and positive character traits of my main character and two sidekicks, just as I did with my students.  However, with my students, they had to support each character trait with evidence from the story.  I didn’t have evidence yet.

This wasn’t getting me anywhere, so I considered researching personality types.  I came…

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